No porky pies

I initially started looking into HTB for a way to start practicing for my OSCP without shelling out the cash for their labs right out the gate. I don’t have much real world experience with pen testing or offensive security, and before I started doing HTB in August the only CTF I had done was Overthewire’s bandit lab (and that was with a lot of Google’s help). I loved the fact that HTB tried to avoid spoilers and actively policed their forum to remove them, so I found the easiest rated active box on their site and got to work on it. I watched videos, bookmarked about 154 websites, and spent hours just trying to figure out how to get the most basic recon stuff working. Well, 3 weeks later and 8 rooted boxes I am starting to realize I really enjoy doing these, and from my research they will really help with preparation for the OSCP in the near future.

As the boxes are retired, if it happens to be one I’ve completed, I’ll put my write-up on here along with any of the scripts or links to files I needed while I was doing the box. I’m going to actually connect and do the work again as I do the write-up to make sure my notes can actually help someone get from boot to root… sometimes I’ll get carried away with the box only realizing I should have been writing notes for the last 2-3 hours, so it’ll be good for my self-learning as I try to piece together those scattered thoughts.

I’ll also include some links to any useful tools, sites, articles etc. I come across…